Non IBR Boiler 50kg
Non IBR Boiler 600kg
Non IBR Boiler 600kg1
Non IBR Steam Boilers
Salient Features

• Space saving, Compact Design
• Fully Automatic Operations
• Large Combustion area hense enhence safety / higher efficiency
• Easy & quick erection & commissioning
• Easy Maintenance

KAYTHERM is the latest design in coil type boilers, using reverse flame technology. The furnace is made of an airtight helical coil for membrane wall construction, placed inside an assembly of double jacketed MS Shell and aluminium radiator.

Combustion air forced through the jacketed shell, thereby getting preheated and keeping the outer shell cool.

The pressure jet burner atomises the fuel and preheated air helps in completing combustion. The flue gases are reversed in the furnace, resulting in two radiant heat transfer passes and the third convective pass between coil and inner shell.

The flue gases further transfer heat to the economizer for preheating feed water eliminating a separate feed water tank and cumbersome piping. A heat optimizer protects the feed water pump from high feed water temperature , thus enhancing the life of the pump.

These features make KAYTHERM a very dependable packaged boiler, application engineered for user’s needs , with the highest conservation rating.

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